In Belgium, proposed the use of the ashes of the dead as fertilizer : In the World : Vladim

News 15 January, 2018

In Belgium, the representatives of the party Ecolo proposed use of the ashes of the dead as compost – artificial fertilizer from vegetable humus to the ground. This initiative will dedicate the meeting of the city Council of the village of Mons.


The MPs will vote for the opportunity of implementation of the project, proposed by the representatives of the “greens” who care about the ecology of the country. According to the politicians, using the ashes of the dead as compost arise only advantages. Trees and shrubs will receive the necessary minerals and nutrients and will grow more intense. On Earth there is the problem of exceeding the permissible standards for carbon dioxide. In the case of rapid growth of green spaces oxygen in Belgium will be more, so to decrease the negative effect of harmful automotive emissions.

Representatives of the party Ecolo want to launch a pilot project in Mons. Politicians propose to grow bushes and trees in memory of the dead. Soon the initiative will be considered by the city Council.