In Bishkek, police detained a man who kicked lying on the ground baby

News 6 December, 2017

In the social network appeared the scandalous video, which shows a man kicking in the belly of the boy lying on the ground. According to preliminary version, the man in the red is the baby’s father, prostrate in the snow. On the video in Facebook immediately responded to local law enforcement.


The video was filmed in the neighborhood “Ulan-2”. According to eyewitnesses, the man in the video for approximately 40 years. It is reported that he lives in the same area. The footage shows how the boy tries to stand, but fails, for which he receives from the man a kick to the gut and to the side. After new kid’s attempts to climb the hero of the video loses his patience and abruptly grabbing the boy by the arm, pulling him.

Now the man is in the detention center. Netizens have already expressed their attitude to the events shown in the video. Their reaction was sharply negative. It is noted that in respect of the child’s father is a criminal case. He is accused of hooliganism.