In Blagoveshchensk the enraged teenager hacked to death with grandfather’s axe

News 7 December, 2017

In Blagoveshchensk the enraged teenager killed his own grandfather with an ax, it is reported, citing law enforcement agencies. According to the investigation, the guy made at least seven blows to the head victim, causing the latter died.


It is reported that the deceased man was not only mother’s grandfather, but also the guardian of a teenager, part-time. Along with a grandson they worked in the garden, but the guy inadvertently broke the garden tools, then heard a barrage of negative and insulting remarks. The teenager was unable to control his temper, grabbed an ax and began to put the offender fatal blows.

The court sentenced the offender to six years in an educational colony, and took into account the facts of the confession, as well as reporting to the police on their own. The teenager said that he had not desired the death of his relative, and it all happened by coincidence.