In Boston saw a UFO over the trees In the World : Vladim

News 14 March, 2018

Earthlings often report the appearance of UFOs over the planet. Recently in Boston again noticed a strange flying object.


A number of motorists USA, heading along the snowy road, saw between the trees a funny thing. After a certain time before the witnesses appeared UFO large, which slowly moved from side to side, as if studying the environment.

Witnesses of the incident recorded flight of a UFO on video. This movie has caused a lot of comments from users. Skeptics believe that it is a fake.

Previously, the Pentagon showed a video with a UFO made three years ago. The object flew over the coast of the Pacific ocean. In the video a noticeable white dot that appears for a few seconds. The footage was kept secret for two years, now the us military decided to show them to the world.