In Britain a naked man dancing on the road, has become an Internet star : In the World : Vladim

News 4 February, 2018

3 Feb in Manchester located in the UK, witnesses saw a naked man who is wearing sunglasses danced on the roadway. The incident was captured on camera and circulated on social networks.


The man noticed on the street Barlow with a stopwatch in hand. He ran naked from the house and began to dance on the road. Do not hesitate passers-by, children and the elderly, the British continued to shake a leg on the roadway. Clothes he only had brown boots. Woman, passing by the dancing men, got it on camera and posted the video online. The video became instantly popular.

The audience focused on the fact that the man most likely lost, although one does not exclude mental disorders. Police arrested dancing naked man, but refused to give any comments about it.