In Britain, over hundreds of flights canceled due to bad weather : In the World : Vladim

News 17 March, 2018

Official representatives of British Airways announced that 86 flights were cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Also the flights were cancelled in a number of other airlines.


British Airways has notified its customers that it will be soon cancelled flights, following in areas such as: Amsterdam, new York, Paris, Chicago, Edinburgh, Geneva, Manchester and Glasgow. As a result of bad weather had canceled some flights to the Irish company Aer Lingus and German Eurowings and Lufthansa. Also flights to Amsterdam, Zurich, Lisbon, Oslo, and Paris had to be cancelled for such companies as TAP Portugal, KLM, Air France. Swiss and SAS.

Currently in British Heathrow airport in the overall degree of cancellation has been 118 flights of local and international communication, from which more than 15 thousand passengers were forced to change their plans.