In Britain, the customers of the supermarkets pissed off pictures on the trucks : In the World : Vladim

News 12 February, 2018

In Britain, the supermarket chain has pasted pictures of trucks with the image of figures in the skirt, which angered buyers among the weaker sex.


The management of the supermarket chain decided to stick the truck on the picture with the rules of use of the equipment. On the handles of the carts were pasted schematic representations of figures in skirts. These images immediately with aggression reacted, British feminists, who began to be indignant. First noticed on pictures of the woman from Manchester, Samantha Rennie, she photographed the truck and posted on the social network Twitter, where outrage written comments that supported a resident of Britain. This scandal played out over the entire chain of supermarkets, with the requirement to remove pictures from trucks.


Note that the founder of a chain of stores assured everyone that already produced work to change the figures in the skirt on the stick figure in pants. As employees of the supermarkets do not want to lose their clients, they replaced the decal is gender-neutral.