In Britain, the girl died after ate a chicken Burger In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

In the UK 18-year-old girl went with friends to a restaurant to celebrate the end of the trimester at the high school. The waiters offered her a chicken Burger, a student was warned about the Allergy, but the staff insisted, in the end, the visitor died.


Information about it spread by the British media. The doctors forbade the girl to eat dairy products, nuts, eggs, fish. In the recommended by the waiter the menu were these ingredients. Informed student during the campaigns in restaurants thoroughly familiar with the products and avoid harmful products. At this time, the student ignored the rules. The employees of the institution assured the girl that nothing bad will happen, as they have all the dishes of the highest class. In the end, the student died from allergies. The incident occurred in 2015.

Relatives of the deceased filed a lawsuit against the restaurant staff wishing to prosecute waiters who persuaded the lady to drink dangerous for her products.