In California announced marihuana Amnesty : In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

The American media has shared the sensation: in California, San Francisco, authorities will “forget” all past offences related to marijuana. Date starting 1975. The crimes committed later, will fall under Amnesty. According to prosecutors, about 3,000 sentences for minor offences will be abolished. Solution 5 000 criminal cases will be reviewed.


January 31, 2018, the district attorney of San Francisco George Gascon issued an official statement. According to him, recently in the United States almost manic passion for the fight against drug trafficking adversely affected the state in General and local communities in particular. He is convinced that the Amnesty will help them to get on their feet and become productive members of society.

According to statistics, in the state of California in the period from 1915 to 2016 on charges of involvement in drug trafficking were arrested, more than 2 million people. Wave disastrous war with drug traffickers swept America.

Mayor Gavin Newson is convinced that the example of San Francisco should follow the rest of the States. As you know, in the beginning of 2018 state policy against cannabis significantly softened. In California allowed to use, store and grow marijuana. Of course, the rules are only designed to meet the personal needs of an adult Californian.