In Chelyabinsk, the flayers killed and hung a puppy on a fence

News 19 December, 2017

Terrible coming happened in one of the abandoned houses. The fiends killed a puppy and hung a body on the fence.


Zoozaschitnikov reported that the garden Association, fed the dog and her kids. But after a time the pet is gone. People began to look for the animal, and found her living in an abandoned house with the puppies.

On the fence flayers were hanged one of her puppies.
Currently looking for a new owners for dogs. It is noted that the kids are wild and afraid of people.

At the moment, in the shelters of the city is quarantined, and the animals refused to accept.
Law enforcement agencies interested in a terrible case with a hanged puppy.

On this fact, are checking. Animal rights activists appeal to all concerned to respond and help finding a new home for animals.