In China began to develop a new communication technology 6G

Techno 11 March, 2018

2018-03-11 11:39

In China began to develop a new communication technology 6G
Chinese scientists started to develop a new standard of mobile communication of the sixth generation (6th Generation).

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One of the key objectives in the design and development of a new generation of communication is “common machinesare” when most of the working human task is transferred to the machine. It is reported by the China Daily, citing the words of the Minister of industry and information technology of China Miao Wei, reports Rus.Media.

The Minister has mentioned and popular in China the concept of “Internet of things” (Internet of Things), which implies a connection to a single network various devices with built-in sensors. According to forecasts of Chinese scientists, it should be possible to simplify everyday tasks, facilitate data exchange, fully or partially eliminating human involvement.

Now China is working on technology of 5G communication standard. The largest local operators with its partners are developing and testing stations and devices for the communication standard of the fifth generation.

5G will increase the speed of information transfer up to one Gigabyte per second, which is 20-50 times faster than existing data transmission standards.