In China figured out how to achieve military superiority over the U.S. In the World : Vladim

News 27 January, 2018

The Chinese government has instructed more than 100 highly skilled scientists to develop new types of weapons in order to ensure military superiority over the United States of America.


The research, which should bring the Chinese military technology at a whole new level, elevating China above the USA, were brought about 120 specialists in the field of quantum development and artificial intelligence. The majority of experts have experience in the management of robots fighting type, and also have different degrees. XI Jinping, speaking at the next Congress of the Academy of military Sciences of China, held in July last year, urged to do everything possible to bring China to the leaders of the military armament of all countries of the world.

International experts have already confirmed that if the Chinese specialists will make certain breakthroughs in the fields of quantum developments, it will allow China to become a leader on military technology, and also beating world superpower.