In China has launched the largest air purifier In the World : Vladim

News 20 January, 2018

In one of the most polluted cities in China in test mode earned the biggest air purifier. Six weeks of work in XI’an, the unit cleared more than ten square kilometers.


Externally, the purifier is a tower with a height in meters. The designers assure that analogues of this tower there is not only in China but throughout the world. Feed cleaner thermal plants, which are located around it.

When contact with the tower air is heated and rises, passing through a system of filters. Heating occurs due to the energy of the Sun. It is noted that XI’an is located in the North-West of the country. It is included in the list of the ten most dirty cities in China. Environmentalists of China estimated that during operation, the device was able to “overtake” ten million cubic meters of air and send them into the atmosphere are already clean and safe to breathe.