In court of Belarus announced the verdict to journalists of the Agency Regnum : Crime news : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

Citizens of Belarus, who worked in the Russian news Agency Regnum, was sentenced to five years imprisonment, suspended for three years on charges of inciting ethnic hatred. Information about this spread in Minsk the media.


At the end of 2016 Belarusian journalists were accused that they with their publications allegedly creates a dangerous situation conducive to the growth of aggression in the country. Media representatives were threatened with a criminal sentence of up to 12 years. After considering the case of correspondents spared. Within three years they will establish rigid control, if they’re not going to spread “dangerous” information, then all charges will be removed. Otherwise journalists would be behind bars, where they will spend the remainder of the term.

The accused denies involvement in the incitement of ethnic hatred. According to correspondents, the Belarusian authorities interpret events as it is profitable, and it is unfair. Members of the press continue to talk about his innocence and do not agree with the verdict.