In French colleges, the iPhone would be as popular as the Superstar or the Air Max!

Techno 27 January, 2017

At the time I was in college, having an iPhone or a Mac was the best way to get a room. The Apple smartphone was as rare as a Blackberry in 2017. Since then, the situation has changed. The iPhone is now as popular as a Nike Air Max or an adidas Superstar.
The birth of the iPhone coincided with my transition to high school. At the time, the headed smartphone was as rare as a Blackberry these days. The Macs accounted for barely 2% of the market. But today, things have changed: we swear by the iPhone in French schools ! A proof ? A journalist interviewed her goddaughter who is only 13 years old. This girl is determined to have an iPhone, reputed to resist the cold . And saw some of his comments, it might downright believe this is a story of life and death . So would the Apple smartphone be as popular as an adidas Superstar or a Nike Air Max in the recreational classes?
According to the young teenager who is named Louise, the purchase of an iPhone is justified by a fashion effect. “Everyone has an iPhone because it’s fashionable and we follow all the way” before continuing “there are those with Sony. They stay together” . In case you would not have guessed there would be a link between the iPhone and popularity in college . As Louise explains in this interview (you can find in full here) , “if you have the 6, everyone looks at you. The more you have a good iPhone, the more respect you” . But that’s not why Louise dream headed smartphone which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. This young schoolgirl just wants us to make fun of her mobile. So it’s far away when we were more interested in the latest version of the Superstar or the Nike Air Max ????