In Germany, a deer attacked a mother with young children

News 6 December, 2017

In Germany, a deer attacked a mother with two young children. It happened on December 2 in the Federal state of Thuringia, in the village of Ellrich. Information about the incident reported the German media.


Mother with kids walking in the street, to meet passers-by suddenly a deer jumped out, dressed in a reflective vest. The guys weren’t afraid of the animal, they approached him, mistaking him for the fantastic character. The deer attacked the children, the mother covered the babies, and as a result injured as a cloven-hoofed mammal hit her feet.

The woman was sent to the hospital, about the extent of her injuries is not reported. Police started looking for deer. They managed to find the animal and send it to the reserve, located near Ellrich. Law enforcement can’t answer the question of who had dressed the animal in a reflective vest, this remains a real mystery. Data artiodactyls eat mainly vegetarian food, the police do not understand how the representative of this family was in town.