In Germany, at auction sold the deserted village for 140 thousand euros

News 10 December, 2017

In Germany, at auction sold the deserted village of Alvin for 140 thousand euros. The village is situated in the Federal state of Brandeburg 100 kilometers from Berlin, with an area of 16 thousand square meters. Information about this spread the German media.


Now Alvin live 15-20 people of advanced age. The youth left the village after the fall of the Berlin wall. Before the unification of the state, the village belonged to the enterprise processing the coal. After 1991 the factory has ceased to exist and the young people began to leave Alvin in search of a better life. In the village there are sheds, garages and other outbuildings. Public transport stops in the village. Previously lived here 50-60 people, but now the population of the village decreased significantly.

The previous owner has not paid the rent, so Alvin put up for sale. Proposal has interested an anonymous buyer. He telephoned and expressed the desire to acquire the village. The original lot was $ 125 thousand euros. The new owner promised to bear all costs for the maintenance of the village.