In Germany has allowed the sale of “gallows for Merkel”

News 7 December, 2017

The Federal court of Saxony, it was agreed that the sale of mini-gallows, on which the name of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and foreign Minister of the country Sigmar Gabriel does not contravene any laws. Local press confirms this information.


The court in its decision argues that the products in question, in its essence, represents a public call to commit a crime, prosecutable. In addition, the verdict also stated that, if you look at the problem from an objective point of view, the sale of such products should be understood as the wish is not literal, but a political death.

The judgement also says that the case is difficult to name a precedent, but because each subsequent case should be considered separately, because it may contain signs of a criminal offense.

Remember that these products first began to appear in the demonstrations of anti-Islamic movements in 2015. Hinges were attached sign reading: “Reserved for Angels”.