In Germany, the abuse of children arrested Iranian immigrant

News 14 December, 2017

In Germany, with the help of law enforcement officers were taken into custody a 63 year old man who’s a immigrant from Iran. The kids told the adults about what the suspect touched the genitals of a little boy in the pool in front of other children.


With the alarming message frightened children ran from the pool to your parents, where they said the elderly man in front of two girls 11 and 9 years old touched a little boy of seven years for the genitals. At the moment, German law-enforcement authorities are investigating the circumstances and details of the incident and a male suspect is in custody. Elderly immigrant was charged in the sexual abuse of children.

It is worth noting that in Austria and Germany particularly prevalent is harassment of pedophiles to children during bathing in the pools. So, earlier in the year 2017 in Vienna was placed under arrest the man who molested 10-year-old girl. Last year in Berlin, the city authorities banned the entrance to the pools for Muslim refugees because of repeated complaints about their indecent behavior.