In Germany, the Africans in his shorts was brutally beaten pensioner

News 16 December, 2017

In Germany, the Africans in his underwear brutally beat 73-the summer pensioner. The incident occurred on 13 December in the village of Nuremberg. Information about the incident reported the German media.


On YouTube appeared a video, which depicted a dark-skinned young man walking down the street in his underwear. Suddenly, he approached the woman and punched her in the face. A citizen fell, and the man started to beat her feet. Passers-by pulled the aggressor from the victim and called the police. While law enforcement officers went to the scene, the people held of the attacker. He was sent to the police station for further proceedings.

The victim is in the hospital, doctors called her condition is serious. She was diagnosed with a serious head injury and fractures. The detainee is a citizen of Cameroon who came to Germany for education. He’s 24 years old, German media do not report about the reasons of aggression of the young man.