In Gorno-Altaysk parents of eighth-beat as old as the daughter

News 20 December, 2017

A married couple from Gorno-Altaisk, protecting the daughter-the schoolgirl, beat her age. The girl complained to the father and mother that in school it hurt. Parents reacted in a strange way.


The incident with the “punishment” took place near the rink, where parents saw the alleged estatelite their child. Surveillance cameras recorded as the couple dragged the schoolgirl by the hair from where she was hanging out with his friends. The girl is literally dragged through the snow. However, no one dared to intervene to protect the teen.

In the heat of a showdown, the mother complained of the bullying girls hit her offender. The situation ended with the fact that the eighth grade student was hospitalized, and the incident dealt with law enforcement. Recording the incident on 17 December in the press. The news immediately began to discuss. The defenders were beaten and girls, and the parents of her victims. The first wrote, that I was afraid for the life and health of their children, which can hurt not only classmates, but also inadequate moms and dads. Their opponents said that sometimes parents have to intervene in order to protect their child from cruel peers