In Greece, the British 14-year-old girl raped 110 men

News 15 November, 2016

girlIn a resort Greek city about ten years ago, 110 men a night raped Stefans Megan Gibbons, who at the time was only 14 years old.

Only now, Megan decided to talk about how living in Greece with her lover.
Britain Stefans Megan told reporters The Daily Mail that it in Greece in 14 years for the rape of 110 men a day. This happened shortly after the girl, as a schoolgirl, went with his mother to rest in one of the Greek cities, where 14-year-old girl met a guy from Albania – Jacques. The mother drank a lot of alcohol and does not care about the fate of his daughter and even allowed the girl to stay with Jacques, went to Britain without her daughter.

Soon after, the boy told Megan that he urgently needed money for treatment of the mother, and the young mistress sold into sexual slavery. It tells Megan, her first client worked as a lawyer. After the rape, he threw it 50 euros, since regularly raped schoolgirl different men. One of the men raped 110 per day, Stefans remember that it lasted 22 hours.

Soon she became pregnant, but Jacques did not want children, soon after he began to beat her, the girl had a miscarriage. Some time later, Megan was sent to work as a prostitute in Italy, and 20 years infected with syphilis, British attempted to commit suicide. Today, almost 10 years after the terrible events Megan escaped from slavery and even married but hiding place of residence.