In Hollywood, 94% of women have experienced sexual harassment In the World : Vladim

News 22 February, 2018

In order edition of USA Today in Hollywood held a sociological research, which was attended by 843 ladies. Based on the survey results, 94% of women in this star area has been subjected to sexual harassment.


Complained about the interviewees working in the field of entertainment: Actresses, Directors, writers and other. 21% of women said the sex in the office under duress. 10% of ladies admitted that they agreed to have intimate relations for career growth and wish to satisfy their own ambitions. According to the head of the Centre for gender equality, University of California, the findings should be treated with caution. The police have adopted the data and will strengthen vigilance, but fully trust the results of the survey is not necessary.

Social media users criticized the information about the mass sexual harassment in Hollywood. According to nick, women themselves wanted to be close to powerful men in order to obtain certain benefits, and now accuse them of rape and denigrate reputation.