In Hong Kong discovered a bomb during the Second world war : In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

In Hong Kong sappers defused the American bomb during the Second world war, which weighs 450 pounds.


In Hong Kong, began to build in WAN Chai a new metro line. At the construction site, workers found a second bomb, which has been preserved ever since the Second world war. To the place of discovery was caused by the sappers, who for more than a day trying to disarm a 450-pound projectile. During disposal, the police evacuated all people within a radius of 300 meters, as the projectile could explode at any moment. In this radius were also suspended all traffic and closed down all establishments. Such discoveries are not the first time already come across in Hong Kong, last year was a shell of the Second world war.

In the evacuation zone and got the Consulate of the Russian Federation, which is located in the tower building Sun Hung Kai Centre and was in the danger zone.