In hotels in the US offer a custom-fortune-tellers in the room In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

A chain of American hotels The James Hotel reported the appearance of a unique service not yet offered by other hotels. Customers will have the opportunity to call itself in a number of different specialists in the field of magic and astrology.


The management of the hotel chain considers it wrong that, despite the provision of a high level of physical comfort, professionals often forget about the psychological side of the issue. Now the customers who are resting in hotels The James Hotel will be able to completely relax and unwind, order a consultation from an expert meditation, astrologer, Tarot reader or hypnotherapist.

In addition, these professionals will contribute to making the right decision that can change lives for the better, or to establish the financial state of Affairs. In accordance with the applicable price list, hypnotherapy session, lasting 90 minutes, the client will cost $ 175 and a one-hour session with the astrologer — in of $ 200.