In India, a father is a butcher “cured” son of pornosvideos, by cutting off his hand : Crime news : Vladim

News 6 March, 2018

In the village of Hyderabad in India a 45-year-old man, working as a butcher, cut off his 19-year-old son hand over his excessive fascination with porn. Information about this reported by Western media.


The family heard the scream of a young man coming from his bedroom. When relatives came into the room, they gasped at what they saw. Father took a hatchet and cut off the boy’s hand. When the man asked why he did it, he silently handed his mother a smartphone guy. On the screen the woman saw Frank video. Police arrested the butcher.

On questioning, the man explained his behavior by the fact that the teenager was feeling bad physically and mentally after watching this kind of video. The father decided to fight hard with porozovskoe son. The head of the family made the young man an invalid. Now the butcher was detained and answering questions at the police station. Doctors tried to sew the guy’s hand, but their efforts were not crowned with success.