In India, killed 17 workers at a fireworks factory In the World : Vladim

News 20 January, 2018

Due to a fire at the factory in new Delhi killed 17 people. About this say local publications.


In the Indian capital new Delhi died about 17 workers of a factory for the manufacture of fireworks. Information from the number of dead came from representatives of the fire organization. It is also noted that one person was injured. According to media reports, the flames spread to a neighboring room. Why the fire broke out no data. Currently, rescue forces, local rescuers are still ongoing. Detailed information about the incident will be known later.

Prior to this it was reported that a fire in one of the buildings of Mumbai, 14 people were killed, almost ten injured. In this room there are a number of office halls and restaurants. All the injured persons were sent to the hospital. The cause of ignition was a short in the wiring.