In Indonesia, armed with machetes the man attacked the parishioners of the Church : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

In Indonesia, a man armed with machetes, attacked members of the Catholic Church. This is reported by the world media.


Sunday service in the Church of St. Joseph the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta began at eight in the morning local time. Sixty parishioners gathered for morning mass.
Men, women and children twenty minutes of listening to the sermon of the priest. When the liturgical service was finished and the priest prepared for the civil part of the festive mass in the Church broke a man with a machete and began indiscriminately attacking the audience.
Father tried to stop the man, but was seriously wounded. Several children managed to get out of the Church building. They called the patrol police, which was a block away from the temple.

Latest first entered into negotiations with an aggressive brawler, then fired his pistol and wounded the attacker. The detainee taken to the police where a formal inquiry.
In the result of an armed attack, wounding four worshipers and a priest.