In Iran jailed the woman for the removal of the hijab In the World : Vladim

News 8 March, 2018

The inhabitant of Iran has sentenced to two years in prison for public withdrawal of the hijab on the street. Mass media reports citing a statement the Prosecutor’s office of the country.


The woman was detained at the end of last year. As they say the investigators, she urged his countrymen to fight corruption in public taking off the hijab. Recently, Iranian police arrested nearly thirty women have joined the campaign against the hijab “White environment”, which is masih Alinejad. She encouraged the citizens of Iran to wear on Wednesdays, white hijab or even to stop wearing these clothes. According to the laws of this country, for showing hair in public places, women face two months imprisonment and a cash fine of $ 25.

Before the U.S. promised to cooperate with other States in combating discrimination against women and fight for their rights.