In Italy the mistress of the bequeathed cat 30 000 euros In the World : Vladim

News 20 January, 2018

A resident of Italy bequeathed to 30 thousand euros to my pet cat. About it write local mass-media.


The woman who lived in Sacile, died a few days ago. In her will she wrote that her cat should get a considerable sum of money. During the life of the Italian claimed that the cat is the closest to her being. If the animal is sick, the family has pledged to make every effort to treat it, including sell in case of emergency precious things.

Daughter of the deceased reported that the pet was the favorite of her mother. She loved him more than his own children. Now loved ones are left only with respect to the last will of the deceased. For the cat had already started to spend the inheritance. He acquired four sun beds and feed the shrimp.