In Italy, the owner of a jewelry store killed robber-Hulk : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

In Italy during the attempted robbery at the jewelry shop was shot by the owner of this store robber, who was in the mask of comic character the Hulk.


In Italy near Naples at the jewelry store had an attempted robbery. Three intruders in the costumes and masks of comic book characters, drove to the shop on scooters made attempt of a robbery. The owner of the shop was not timid, he had robbers armed resistance in the course of which was killed by a thief in a mask of the Hulk. The other two tried to escape, but on their way was a police officer who in his day off happened to be passing by the shop. He managed to catch one criminal, the other managed to escape.

Currently on the fact of attempted robbery under investigation, escaped the attacker looking for and trying to establish his identity.