In Japan, “Girl sleep” will get a third breast implant In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

“Girls dream” in Japan can equip the new chest. Reported by Rocket News.


On the pillows, also referred to as “girls sleep”, print pictures of a naked anime heroines, which makes them very popular in Japan. One of the manufacturers decided to diversify and began to advertise the pillows with some new products.

Now the consumer has the opportunity to choose between three volumes, “chest” large, medium and small to meet their own preferences.

“Girl sleep”, which consists of the implant and pillowcase sold at a price of $ 125, there are prints of various anime heroines. The very pillow must be purchased separately. The engineers who invented the new “breast”, expect a massive influx of customers on February 14 in the Valentine’s Day.