In Japan is gaining popularity in a very Frank underwear In the World : Vladim

News 6 February, 2018

A resident of Japan struck the Internet is unthinkable candid underwear. Bikini minimally cover the Breasts and other intimate parts of the body.


The Japanese company Predator Rat generated by the model Ionico Ushijima, offers to clients is underwear that reveals the pubic area and buttocks, as well as minimally covers the chest. Image sexy things you can see in the account of the company in the social network Instagram.

The brand has already become popular in Japan. The cost of revealing clothes is 3-12 thousand yen. Media to pay attention to things of an intimate nature, noted that girls, wearing underwear this style will be difficult to wear denim pants.

The Network responded positively to the brand. Users from Eastern Europe even offer girls to marry them.

Earlier it was reported that Pamela Anderson shot for her lingerie collection. The model presented bodysuits, corsets, garter belts and more, she also starred for advertising your own brand.