In Japan recorded the eruption of Shinmoedake In the World : Vladim

News 1 March, 2018

In the southwestern part of Japan volcano named Shinmoedake woke up svergnuv a small amount of ash. A small volcanic eruption was accompanied by some volcanic tremor, recorded by meteorologists.


Official representatives of the Japanese meteorological administration said that following the eruption of Shinmoedake, part of the mountain chain called Kirishima, a few kilometers from the active volcano precipitation in the form of ashes rose into the atmosphere after a small eruption. The loss of ash was observed in the vicinity of villages that Takahara. Meteorologists are reminded that the last time the eruption of Shinmoedake was recorded in October 2017.

Of the five hazard levels in the region was installed third, assuming a strict ban on the convergence of mountain and climbing at Shinmoedake due to possible emissions from the volcano in the form of ashes, lava and stones.