In Khabarovsk FSB arrested a schoolgirl, who said about the pseudo-attack

News 12 December, 2017

Forces of the Federal security service had detained a girl from Khabarovsk which by text message carried a warning of a possible bomb threat, which turned about. 15-year-old arrested already consisted on the account in the police Department.


According to a high school girl was detained by the FSB on charges of telephone terrorism, she sent a text message warning about a bomb threat at a school located in Krasnoflotskaya area of Khabarovsk, in pursuit of hooligan motives. Note that the detained 15-year-old girl is a student of that school, which she said in warning. It consisted on the account in local branch of police.

An explosive device was found after a thorough inspection of the institution with the help of canine units, however, security measures were carried out a total evacuation of the school in which output was derived by more than 500 people. At the moment, hooligan is detained under house arrest.