In Kiev, protesters demand to demolish the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

At the National history Museum of Ukraine in Kiev held a protest. Radical protesters demand the demolition of the temple of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, located near the Foundation of the tithe Church. This is reported by Ukrainian mass media.


Now near the chapel about two hundred protesters. They shouted slogans against the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate and maintenance of this confession from the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, the temple began to flock to the parishioners who came to the evening service. Between the two groups started a quarrel, it came to a brawl.


At the moment, the place of the rally surrounded by additional troops of the national guard and police. Only in the vicinity of the chapel parked six buses arrived militiamen.