In Krasnoyarsk the man killed the five year old son-the invalid in front of his wife

News 6 December, 2017

Resident of the village of Prokop’yevka in the Krasnoyarsk region broke and stabbed his own five year old son-the invalid in the eyes of his wife. According to preliminary data, therefore, the father wanted to save his family from a “heavy burden”.


On the General website of the investigative Committee of the Krasnoyarsk region informed that during the last ten days of 35-year-old man soundly drunk. After that he decided to stab with a knife the only child in the family – a five year old boy with a disability who is not able to walk. As the consequence, family life in recent times was accompanied by financial difficulties.

The ambulance and the police summoned the child’s mother. Upon arrival crews found the offender dead with my son. Investigators opened a criminal case into the incident.