In Latvia the treatment of Putin took first place in the ranking of TV greetings : In the World : Vladim

News 16 January, 2018

New year’s eve, the head of Russia Vladimir Putin traditionally appealed to the citizens of the country. The President wished the people success, happiness, all the best. In the end, Putin’s words were the most popular in the rating of television greetings in Latvia.


The study was conducted by experts of the TNS-Kantar. Based on these data, the treatment of Putin looked 14% of Latvia’s population. Congratulations to the President of the Baltic countries have not enjoyed such success in humans. Statement of Raymond Vejonis watched one and a half times less than the appeal of his Russian colleagues. The mayor of Riga Nile Ushakov took the fifth position in the ranking. It was ahead of the Prime Minister of the state then in Cochinchina.

In Latvia live about 2 million people. About 40% of the Republic are the Russian-speaking population. Despite the policy of Riga, which puts Moscow as the aggressor in the eyes of the people, the citizens of Latvia are closely monitoring comments from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.