In London fell from the sky block of ice nearly killed the janitor : In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

In London in broad daylight on the street fell from the sky block of ice. Near this place the janitor cleaned the streets of dirt. The pieces touched the man, the worker got scared, like some people passing by at the time of the incident.


Information about the incident spread by the British media. The incident managed to capture on camera. The video appeared on YouTube. The footage shows how the man bent down to clean up the garbage. Suddenly the road dropped a piece of ice, the fragments flew off in the direction of the janitor. According to witnesses, at this moment there was a deafening noise. Citizens were frightened, because they do not understand, where did the ice.

According to users, a boulder fell from the ship, flying over London. Representatives of the city administration do not exclude this possibility. In the UK occurred cases when chunks of ice falling from aircraft to the surface. However, to make definite conclusions impossible, since it could be any natural phenomenon. According to the janitor, a block of ice nearly destroyed him.