In Malawi, Madonna tells of her battle to adopt the young Mercy – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 12 July, 2017


Madonna has opened the first paediatric centre of Malawi, The Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care. An institute that bears the name of the little girl of four years that the star had come to adopt. During the opening ceremony, the star is back on her three long years to be able to make the small malawian child.

I met Mercy, after meeting my son, David, but they were living in orphanages differ. Mercy was suffering from malaria, while David had pneumonia. And when I held both in my arms, I’ve blown that I’ll take care of them. I promised them that they would become strong and healthy”, is remembered Madonna. She already had the permission to adopt little David, however, it has never had permission to be a candidate for the adoption of little Mercy, 4 years. “I was recently divorced and as a divorced woman, the judge felt that I was not able to raise Mercy, and that it was better that she grow up in an orphanage“, has detailed the singer, who had just split from Guy Ritchie.

Such is the adoption process in Malawi. In addition, it is necessary that the people resident on the ground in malawi for a year at least. “The laws for adopting in Malawi have not been reformed since the early 40’s. So my argument was simple : women have raised their children alone for centuries. Not to mention the fact that on my side, I took care very well of my three children all alone ” builds the interpreter of Like a Virgin. “If you know me, you can imagine how I received this information. It is true, I fight for the freedom of men and rights. I am a feminist. I have a rebellious heart. But I am also empathetic and intelligent. And if you can’t give me a logical reason for me to assign a ” no “, then I won’t accept your “no” has taken the queen of pop. “I hired a team of lawyers, moved my case up to the supreme court and this was not a battle easy“, she concluded.

Madonna has now four children malawians. David was adopted in 2006, Mercy was adopted in 2009 and its two twin, adopted last January.


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