In Mordovia for refusing sex a girl broke a rib

News 9 December, 2017

In Mordovia the girl broke a rib because she rejected the attacker in the intima. The trial of the incident took place in the court Insarskogo district.


From the case materials that on 11 March the defendant came to visit. Among them were friends of the attacker and their girls. One of visitors especially liked the owner of the house, and he wanted to make her closer acquaintance.

During the party he sat down next to the girl with the gun in his hands and made her an unequivocal offer. Guest rejected the proposition, than took a man from himself. He pounced on her and started to beat her with a gun. In pain she screamed, than attracted the attention of the other guests. Witnesses immediately called police and reported an ambulance. The witnesses stated that the beatings, the landlord was accompanied by shouting “I’ll kill you!”.

Arrived at the doctors ascertained at the victim’s head injury and fracture of the sixth rib. It is reported that the weapon was a pneumatic, however, concerning the malefactor brought criminal case. He is accused of infliction of harm to health and murder threats. At that time the attacker already had a conviction. Now he will have to serve a total term. He has been confined to Inserisci the area and destroy the gun.