In Moscow, the 106-year-old pensioner was robbed 73-year-old daughter : Crime news : Vladim

News 14 February, 2018

In the police Department of the city of Moscow addressed the 73-year-old local resident, reported that her 106-year-old mother stole her money and documents. Law enforcement officials figure out the details of the incident.


73-year-old resident of Moscow wrote a statement about the theft of their money and documents. In committing the crime, the victim suspects her mother-the pensioner, which is 106 years. The Muscovite could not tell the exact number of missing sums of money, but noted that no one else but the mother could not take them – no one else had access to the apartment.

It is reported that 106-year-old suspect is unable to get out of bed without assistance because of age-related changes of the body. However, according to 73-year-old woman, her mother for stealing money and documents could involve intermediaries, which gave stolen.

Police continue to investigate the details of the incident to identify the culprit in the embezzlement of funds.