In Moscow, three College students were robbed for 7 million rubles : Crime news : Vladim

News 22 January, 2018

To the police station in the North of Moscow turned to three College student. The guys wrote a statement and informed that they have kidnapped smartphones, watches and 6.9 million roubles. Information about the incident spread by the capital’s media.


The incident occurred on the street 1-I Sestroretsk. According to the victims, they were driving a Nissan, they blocked the travel by Toyota Land Cruiser. The three friends left the vehicle, and does not understand why. Suddenly, unknown persons attacked the students and began to beat them. The aggressors took the young people a mobile device, watch and money. The total damage estimated at 7.1 million.

Police are searching for the people who have attacked the students. At the moment the law enforcement officers failed to detect intruders. Affected noticed bruises testifying against him. The proceedings of this incident is ongoing, and official statements by police were reported.