In new York held a fashion show for Pets In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

In new York there was a demonstration of fashionable clothes for Pets. The organisation of the event approached with the utmost seriousness. For the show participants have been booked a posh hotel, their service was trainers, and even furries actively participated in photo shoots.


At the same time in new York is 142 exhibition of the Westminster kennel club. And in this event the emphasis is on the natural beauty of dogs. While the fashion show showcases fashion trends in clothing for dogs and other Pets. Demonstration of fashionable clothes was called New York Pet Fashion Show, and today remains the largest event of its kind.

Pets walked the runway with their owners. They were outfits in country style. It is difficult to judge who was the best, but the sympathies of the guests of the festival was on the side of cocky cowboy rooster.