In new York, was crucified Santa right near the Cathedral : In the World : Vladim

News 26 December, 2017

Near the Cathedral they. St. Patrick’s in new York, the controversial artist Robert Sendele put a picture, which depicts a crucified Santa Claus. Such actions infuriated the Creator of all the parishioners who came to the Sunday service on the occasion of Christmas.


Previously, this painting was exhibited at one of the exhibitions in new York, but even there it did not cause approval. It was removed from the exhibition. Yesterday, the artist who painted this painting – Robert Candela, set it near St. Patrick’s Cathedral, just in time for the Christmas service. The public immediately protested such action. In the direction of Sandali showered with thousands of insults. Compare it with the Grinch – hero Christmas stories, which has always tried to disrupt the Christmas and also called him a “piece de##mA”.

On the painting itself depicted a crucified Santa Claus in the pose of Christ. The cross on which Jesus was crucified, stuck in the pile of gifts. The artist himself explained this “performance” that he was trying to draw attention to the problem of monetization of a religious festival and to the fact that this spiritual day turned into pure Commerce.