In New Zealand stealing panties cat lovers quarreled In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

In New Zealand, cat-kleptomaniac named Mo almost broke up the couple. The fact that the girl was outraged by found objects around the house to another woman’s wardrobe, namely underwear and bra.


Cat, living in New Zealand with their owners, barely they quarreled because of his addiction to stealing underwear neighbor. After the bed the owner of the cat found women’s underwear that did not belong to her, and then the bra on the porch the back yard and she suspected her boyfriend of treason and offense. In a couple there was a serious quarrel, and the guy could not explain where the underwear came from their house and who it belongs to.


This young man is able only to prove his loyalty, when he found that the cat Mo steals the neighbor’s clothes. In fact, the thief was caught red-handed – with a t-shirt in his teeth, the cat ran across the road.

Earlier criminal tendencies the cat was observed as a burglary that went mostly nights. It turned out the cat brings home to 40 strangers things in a week, among which women’s and men’s underwear, socks and t-shirts.