In Novosibirsk, found dead the owner of the Porsche Panamera

News 6 December, 2017

In Novosibirsk, found dead the owner of a Porsche Panamera. The body was discovered in the night from the third to the fourth day of December in the forest of Moshkovsky area of the city. Information about this report local media.


28-year-old man went missing on the first of December. He stopped communicating with loved ones. Relatives appealed for help to the police. The police began the search for a missing citizen. They found out with whom he spoke and held conversations with his friends. Police had a volunteer group “Lisa Alert”. Together, they managed to find the owner of the Porsche Panamera lost.

On the body of the missing citizen recorded the traces of violent death. Police are confident that they are faced with the murder and have already arrested two suspects. They are 30 – and 32-year-old friends of the deceased. The investigation continues, police are trying to figure out all the circumstances of the case.