In one of the bars of Simferopol killed a man

News 6 December, 2017

In one of the pubs in Simferopol shot and killed a man. From the press service of the Crimean SK it follows that the murder suspect has been arrested.


The investigation reported that the shootout was the place to be in one of the bars along the street of Karl Marx. The cause of the fire presumably was the quarrel of two of the visitors, which took place on the grounds of personal animosity. During the altercation, one of the participants in the conflict took the gun and fired at the opponent, then fled from the scene. The wound proved fatal and the victim died.

29-year-old arrow detained only a few hours. Against him opened a criminal case. The suspect is accused of murder. Law enforcement authorities reported on the investigative activities conducted at the moment. Experts find out what weapon was the murder weapon – a traumatic or gunshot.