In Orel the counter test cost the pensioner in 95 thousand : Crime news : Vladim

News 4 February, 2018

The police Department requested assistance a resident eagle. The pensioner complained to the woman who was presented the employee of the municipal services and wanted to check the counters, but in the end stole money. Information about the incident spread in the local media.


The pensioner has let in the apartment of a stranger, a citizen did not cause suspicion. She pretended that verifies the counters, talked with the victim, trying to divert the attention of the victim. Then the crook left the apartment, and the landlady, which recently held the control of counters, missed 95 thousand rubles. The pensioner has accumulated the money with difficulty and does not want to lose the savings.

Police opened a criminal case. Law enforcement officers are trying to establish the identity of the swindler appropriated the people’s money. According to investigators, the attackers may previously elicited information about the victim, her friends or neighbors. At the moment the police are considering different versions of events.