In Paris, a rally of opponents of the U.S. decision on Jerusalem

News 9 December, 2017

Disagree with the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel held a rally today in Paris. This is reported by the media.


Earlier, us President, Donald trump announced that the White house to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, and the President signed the document about the transfer of the U.S. Embassy in the town of TL Aviv. This verdict trump welcomed in Israel, the middle East and Palestine, a presidential decree has caused a negative reaction.

In Paris today held a picket of opponents of this decision trump. Protesters chanted: “Israel is a murderer” and waving flags of Palestine. In addition, the protesters carried portraits of French leaders of Emmanuel Macron and head of the Israeli government of Benjamin Neyanyahu. The Makron signed: partner in crime, a photo of the Israeli “terrorist”. Order at the meeting supported the French special forces. Tomorrow Makron should take at the Elysee Palace, Netanyahu.